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“MISINORI” is a collaborative effort between Taiwanese Singer/Songwriter misi Ke and Japanese sound and visual artist okamotonoriaki. Misi’s natural acoustic sound and Nori’s experimental and electric sound  seamlessly blend together to produce music that is at once unique, poetic, and calming while also being adventurous and bold. A lot of their music deals with themes of time and space; and through their live performances they hope to bring the audience to a place where time does not exist. 


MISINORI released their first EP “We Stay Here” in 2019. The inspiration for the song came from a 150 year old elementary school in the mountains of Japan, which is where they recorded the single. In the same year they had two live performances (One at “Vacant” in Tokyo, and the other at “Jizhouan Literature Forest” in Taipei). They have also been invited to perform at the 2019 Nakanojo Biennale International Art Festival. Since their first EP they have been constantly collaborating on many new songs and pieces with plans of releasing an album in the near future. When they create together and when they perform together, they are truly in a place where time stands still.

“MISINORI” 是台灣歌手/詞曲創作者 misi Ke,與日本聲音視覺藝術家okamotonoriaki 的合作。  Misi 的自然聲音和 Nori 的實驗電子聲響,無縫地融合在一起,產生既獨特,富有詩意又平靜的音樂,同時又具有冒險性和大膽性。 他們的音樂,涉及時間和空間的主題 ; 通過現場表演,他們希望將觀眾帶到時間不存在的地方。

“MISINORI” 於 2019年,發行了他們的第一張 EP[We Stay Here]。這首歌的靈感來自日本山區一所擁有150年曆史的小學,這是他們錄製單曲的地方。 同年,他們有兩場現場表演(一場在東京的“VACANT”,另一場在台北的“紀州庵文學森林”)。 他們還被邀請參加日本 2019年的 Nakanojo 中之条町雙年展國際藝術節。 自從他們的第一張EP以來,他們一直在合作製作許多新的歌曲和作品,計劃在不久的將來能發行一張合作專輯。



misi Ke has been in the Taiwan music scene for over the past decade. She started from recording in her small home studio and making her own handmade EP’s to eventually grabbing the attention of people in the Taiwan music scene. Since then she has released two albums (Play, Don’t Make a Sound) both of which were nominated for awards at the biggest Taiwanese Award Ceremonies (Best New Artist, Best Folk Single, Best Recording Album etc..). She is known for her willingness to be different and go against the trends. She is always experimenting with new ways of recording and pushing herself creatively to always have something unique to say. 

Since 2010 okamotonoriaki has released four albums under the Malaysian label "mü-nest". He is a visual and audio artist who performs live shows across Asia. In 2018 as a visual/audio art project, he gathered voices and visuals from various people living all over the world and presented his findings in a piece called “Here / There”. 

misi Ke 柯泯薰,過去十年來一直在台灣音樂界。 她開始在她的小型家庭工作室錄製,並製作自己的手工製作的EP,最終吸引了台灣音樂界人士的注意力。 從那時起,她發行了兩張專輯,[Play 遊樂][Don't Make a Sound 不能發出聲音],這兩張專輯均獲得台灣最高頒獎典禮(最佳新人,最佳民謠單曲,最佳唱片專輯等)的提名。 )她以與眾不同的態度而聞名,並且與潮流相悖。  她總是在嘗試新的錄音方式,並創造性地推動自己總是獨特的話語。

自2010年以來,okamotonoriaki 岡本憲昭,在馬來西亞品牌 mü-nest 下發行了四張專輯。 他是一位視覺和音頻藝術家,在亞洲各地進行現場表演。在2018年,作為一個視覺/音頻藝術項目,他蒐集了來自世界各地的不同人的聲音和視覺效果,並在一個名為“在這裡/那裡”的作品中展示了他的發現。

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.18.48 PM
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.20.35 PM
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.19.47 PM
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.19.25 PM

Performance in Taipei


Photographer: KD SUN 









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